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Steel Telescopic Way Covers

With the demand for ever increasing precision and the necessity to preserve this feature in time, the application of protective covers on lead screws and beds becomes indispensable to machine tools builders. Tecnimetal International has...

Unispace Linear
These way covers are advised whenever the available space is small and no railings have been...

Unispace Orbital
In both cases this way cover is made up of a monoblock including
rails and load bearing structure which can be...

Riparazione di pro-
tezioni telescopiche e
revisioni integrali di 
These way covers are
advised for protecting units with strokes greater than 3000 mm., and railings wide up to 5000 mm. Maximum operating speed of 70 mt./min. Maximum acceleration of 8/20 mt./sq. sec

Maximum noise rate of 50 dec. Traction device is consisting of double hinged damper, which is made up of two jack springs in the middle with double effect.

Boxes roll on the railings indipendently and modularily thanks to our patented traction device....

Il nostro servizio di riparazioni 48H Service e' dedicato a coloro che hanno incontrato rotture sulle coperture per macchine utensili e non possono permettersi di rimanere fermi con la produzione a lungo.

Il servizio deve essere espressamente richiesto dal cliente in modo che la riparazione venga gestita con la massima priorita'...
Multi Speed Total

As machine tools manufacturers increase speed and acceleration to meet demands for...
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