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Bellow Covers

Protection of railings, screws, shafts and other delicate parts of machine tools is guaranteed by the application of our bellows.

Telescopic Way Covers

Roofing or sheet metal telescopic guards.

Roll up and Slat Covers

Protection of rails , screws, and other delicate parts on machine tools, has taken on ever increasing importance.

Chip Conveyors

Tecnimetal International chip conveyors are designed to accurately and efficiently transfer high quantities of chips during demanding machine-tooling operations.

Helical Metal Spring Guards

Applications may be: machine tools, woodworking machines and any other type of operative machine.

Way Wipers

The result of a long and continuous research, which in addition to ensuring a rational cleaning of the sliding guides, give greater value to the machines.

Cable Carriers

Cable chains in plastic or steel e super tubiflex conduits flexible