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Coolants Filtration Tanks

These filtering units are designed for the cleansing of coolants that have been exposed to the impurities of machine tools, accomplished by way of the proper systems and equipments.

Filtration Devices Features

  • Bag Filter – The filter performs a first filtration of 50 to 250 microns with excellent autonomy.Proper care is essential, and the bag must be carefully cleaned and emptied regularly.
  • Cartridge Filter – The filtration of liquid is made by a cartridge-format filter, available for both suction and delivery stages of liquid transfer.
  • Paper Filter – The filtration is performed through a special paper band, whereby dirt falls onto the paper layer, keeping mud and other harmful particles machine operation.
  • Self Cleaning Filter – Purifies the coolant of several types of particles through a self-cleaning cartridge.
  • Magnetic Filter – Separates the iron particles from the coolant by way of a revolving magnetic cylinder.
  • The filtering is performed at approximately 100 microns, and can be coupled with a paper filter for more thorough filtration.

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