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Thermal Welded Circular Bellows

Protection of railings, screws, shafts and other delicate parts of machine tools is guaranteed by the application of our bellows. The endless feasable shapes, low costs, reduced size, high speed operation , water-proof construction and resistance to high temperature of our bellows are the best way to protect machine tools rails. The high selected fabrics assure great protection against wear from chips, coolants aggression and folding endurance.


  • Excellent protection against dust, chips, coolants, hot debris, and great injury prevention device.
  • Absolutely leak proof
  • High Resistance to shocks and deformations
  • They are provided with sliders for horizontal operation to avoid fabric to get trapped with threaded screws.


1) Rigid polyamide or aramide rings coated on both sides
2) Thermal welding
3) Plastic supporting sliders
4) Steel rings for massive bellows
5) Flat flange
6) Collar


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