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Thermal Welded Bellows with Telescopic Cover

Protection of railings, screws, shafts and other delicate parts of machine tools is guaranteed by the application of our bellows. The endless feasable shapes, low costs, reduced size, high speed operation , water-proof construction and resistance to high temperature of our bellows are the best way to protect machine tools rails. The high selected fabrics assure great protection against wear from chips, coolants aggression and folding endurance.


  • These bellows are totally protected on all the sides.
  • Lighter construction compared to telescopic way covers, allowing higher speeds.
  • Easy assembly and replacement.
  • Every fold is supported by a plastic frame shaped to meet client special requirements. The outer sides of the bellows are protected with telescopic sheets with bi-dimensinal or three-dimensional shape.
  • It has no internal metal parts which falling onto slideways may cause serious damage to machines


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