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Standard Bellows

Protection of railings, screws, shafts and other delicate parts of machine tools is guaranteed by the application of our bellows. The endless feasable shapes, low costs, reduced size, high speed operation , water-proof construction and resistance to high temperature of our bellows are the best way to protect machine tools rails. The high selected fabrics assure great protection against wear from chips, coolants aggression and folding endurance.

Models and Features

  • TM/1 external fabric made of black, resin treated polyamide – neoprene based adhesive – Pvc or celflex rigid support. Dry working and dust proof. Max temp. : +90 C° -30°C.
  • TM/2 external fabric made of Pvc coated polyamide – polyurethane adhesive – rigid Pvc support. Resistant to: water, oil, coolants, Kerosene, dust, cold chips. Max temp.(+90°C – 100°C) – 30°C.
  • TM/3 external fabric made of polyurethane coated polyamide. Same features as TM/2. Suitable for high speeds 120 mt./min. and for high number of strokes/h.
  • TM/4 external fabric made of polyurethane coated polyamide. Same features as TM/2 and TM/3. Resists to max temp. of + 130°C -40C°.
  • TM/5 external fabric made of polyurethane coated with NBR. PVC support. Polyurethane based adhesive. Resistant to oils and coolants. Max. temp.: 140°C. TM/6 external aluminized kevlar fabric resistant to temperatures over 300°C.


1) Fastening Flanges
2) Steel intermediate supports
3) Brass or nylon guide shoes
4) Nylon supporting rollers
5) Rods and snatch spring pantograph (max speed 120 mt./min.)
6) “U” shaped profile of chromed or galvanised steel, to secure the bellow to the support
7) Plastic coated fabric
8) Oil and emulsions proof polyurethane adhesive.
9) Rigid Pvc sheet
10) Plastic coated fabric


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