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Roll up Jumbo Cover

Protection of rails , screws, and other delicate parts on machine tools, has taken on ever increasing importance. Roll up covers in their various applications compared to other covers (like bellows, way covers, etc.) have the following advantages: simpleness, lower cost, lesser space (then more useable stroke), easy assembly. Smooth and silent operation at higher speed more than allowed to telescopic way covers.


  • Whenever space to be protected is large and the roll up cover has to be treadable it is advisable to use Rollo Jumbo.
  • Rollo Jumbo’s components are very hard-wearing and can be absolutely walked on by service staff who are in need of crossing over the pits protected by Rollo Jumbo.
  • It can be supplied either with an electric or pneumatic motor as well as the Rollo Jumbo spring device system

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