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Chip Conveyors with Magnetic Belt

TECNIMETAL International magnetic chip conveyors is a means of transport which is ideal for transporting dust and shavings of small machine tools. Are suitable for the transport of dust and of all types and chip...

These chip conveyors are used to convey chips smaller than 30 mm. in size.The Conveyance...

Filtration Tanks
These filtering units are designed for the cleansing of
coolants that have been exposed to the impurities...

Worm Screw Chip
conveyors with square
either rectangular  
Tecnimetal International
chip conveyors are designed to accurately and efficiently transfer high quantities of chips during demanding machine-tooling operations.

Steel or cast iron are conveyed through a hinged carpet with containing lateral fins.

Shape can be straight or with slope. Wide range of dimensions and applications. Motor reducers are available at different torque ratios according to customers...

These chip conveyors are very effective in the conveyance of small chips produced in lesser quantities where the available space is limited.

Chip conveyance is often completed with a cross belt chip conveyors. Square-section spirals are suitable for conveying small chips, Rectangular-section spirals are...

Belt Conveyors.

Tecnimetal International belt conveyors represent the universal transport solution...
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